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SmartMix (Case)


Shake things up with Zija’s SmartMix. Add this easy-to-open packet to water for a dose of Moringa nutrition and prebiotic benefits. It’s easier than ever to Drink Life In—even on the go!  


32 Sachets per Case

SmartMix (2 Cases)


SuperMix (Case)


1 Box of XMam


GenM Core 3


GenM Creamy Face Cleanser


Zija’s Creamy Face Cleanser gently massages away dead skin cells, removes excess dirt and oil, and leaves your skin feeling vibrant and refreshed. It is also effective as a makeup remover and shaving cream. The non-irritating, sulfate-free formula combines Moringa with Tensolive, plant extracts, and Desert Flower Elixir to restore balance, elasticity and tone while replenishing your skin’s natural lipids. 

GenM Daily Moisturizer


Zija’s Daily Moisturizer is a silky, light, quick-absorbing formula that protects skin from exposure while allowing it to absorb healthy, natural doses of vitamin D. Suitable for all skin types, Daily Moisturizer provides a rich dose of antioxidants and guards against free radicals and environmental abuse.  

GenM Spa Masque


Zija’s Spa Masque is a healthy blend of vitamins, minerals, rich plant extracts and green clay found off the coast of Normandy, France. It removes impurities, absorbs excess oil, clarifies and tones skin and leaves your face feeling smooth and firm. Green clay is rich in sea kelp, magnesium, manganese, zinc and other phytominerals needed for balanced skin. The Spa Masque’s pore refiner also lifts and removes unwanted debris and dead skin cells.

GenM Zija Oil


GenM Eye Serum


Zija’s Eye Serum keeps the delicate area around your eyes moisturized while reducing redness, puffiness, dark circles and other signs of aging. Our unique formula is filled with active ingredients that moisturize, soothe, repair and strengthen skin. Clinical data for Zija’s GenM Eye Serum shows that within just a few days, wrinkle lines around the eyes are greatly diminished.